Brittany Wegner

About the kit

Brittany Wegner
About the kit

the starter kit

the best, most cost efficient way to start incorporating oils into your every day life, replacing other undesirable items or chemicals and living cleaner is to purchase a starter kit—this takes care of your Young Living membership, too. two birds.

your starter kit will include 11 of the most commonly used oils, an oil diffuser of your choice, thieves cleaning samples, two ningxia red pouches (an antioxidant drink), access to our exclusive membership communities and a little happy mail from me. this may also be the most exciting unboxing you’ll ever participate in.


why should I become a member?

1. wholesale pricing on all products for life

2. access to online groups + classes

3. a personal forever oily mentor (me!)

4. eligible for promos + freebies


does that mean I have to sell?

absolutely not. you will never be pressured to sell. we will be here, ready to have that convo, if and when you want to! everyone signs up the same way so it's a decision you can make (or not) later down the road.

is there a monthly fee?

there is no monthly fee or minimum purchase to be a member. your membership is included in your kit purchase and that is a one time payment. you can purchase products whenever you'd like and you will always receive your wholesale discount. if you would like to enroll in essential rewards (the points back and promotional items are worth it once you begin to order two or more oils or products per month), you can sign up at any time!

what do I do once I get my kit?

it can seem overwhelming when your kit arrives. it’s beautifully curated and neatly put together specifically for you. diving right in can seem intimidating—but trust me when I say you will never look back. like most incredible decisions, the key is just starting. you will receive a happy mail package from me including a welcome deck exclusive for our team. it includes pocket references, the beloved Oil + Glass book and a few other surprises. so, open that pretty diffuser up and crack open those bottles!