Brittany Wegner

Baby Sprinkle

Brittany Wegner
Baby Sprinkle

To make it a little bit easier, I made an unlisted page for you here so you can navigate and come back to it throughout the day as you have time. I hope this comes in handy!

Dock A Tot | We used this from the beginning, take it every time we travel and even if the environment is new, he is still familiar with his “bed”. Only in the last month did we start taking it out of the crib at home when he sleeps. There are other brands (with linen covers, eeek!) now, but this is the original. The material is well made and easy to clean.

Hatch Baby Rest | Packable, can manage on the sound machine or through the app. Before he transitioned to his crib, this was amazing as a nursing nightlight, too.

Avent Baby Monitor | More moms have asked me about or commented on our travel monitor than anything else. We have the Nest cam installed in his nursery, but aside from having these for travel, we also let babysitters/nanny use this one instead of having them log in to our Nest cam at the house.

Max and Moose | Best baby blankets from the beginning. And we were given many. These are the first that actually held up after washing and felt better over time.

Letterfolk | We have a little one in Cash’s room and I use it to write little love notes from Cash to people that come visit. Now Cash helps me with the letters and it’s become a fun activity.

Birth Poster | Because she has to have one, too!

Nuna Systems | From In Home, we used the Leaf Grow and still use and travel with the Aire Mini.

Baby sling | Kara, Jess and I used Solly. I think you would like My Wild Bird better.

Avent Glass Bottles | So much easier to clean and sanitize. The plastic ones just didn’t last as long for us. We still travel with the 4 ounce ones.

Diffusers | This is the one I have in his room now. It’s simple and ceramic.

Nature Sutten pacifiers | These are my jam. We started with the small size and worked our way to the 12 month size. He loves these things.

Pacifier Clip | Have had it since day one.

Beanies | Honey Babe and Slouch

Apolis bag | Amazing but could be something you ask for a gift card for so you can do your own customizing.

Bath time | I loved their hooded towel and the Puj tub. Still use the towel.

Havea bath | One of the few brands with a bath mat and toys that don’t collect water, house mold or other toxins.

Seedlings wipes | My favorite wipes, and you can use them all over their little bodies. I learned a little too late that you aren’t supposed to use regular wipes on other parts of their bodies because they strip the skin of protective lipids and proteins. These go with us everywhere…and I might use them as makeup remover.

Lovevery | The best subscription! We started this when he was five months old and every box has been magical. They aren’t cheesy, I promise.

Sleepsack | Better than a few others I used.

Gathre | I’ve collected many things from this company over time. The changing mats are life savors and fold up quickly and can go anywhere with you. My favorite item is their outdoor mat (we use it for both indoor and outdoor), throw it in a bag or in the car to roll out for playtime, picnics…or just to lay out on the deck where splinters or paint are concern. You can wipe it down with water. They also have yoga mats and floor cushions that are awesome.

Filson Grab and Go Tote | Waxed canvas with zipper closure and side pockets. It’s a huge, perfect weekend bag or day bag when you need to bring everything for you and baby and Wilde. The photos don’t do this bag justice. I still use it weekly.